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    We also provide physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy treatments at our location.
    The 14 Day Rule
    Did you know you have 14 days from the time of an accident to seek medical care and file a PIP insurance claim?

    Services and Referrals We Provide

    Auto Injuries

    Auto accidents cause long term pain that must be investigated and resolved for you to enjoy a happier, healthier life without pain. Whiplash, neck pain, disc injury, bulging disc, pinched nerves and sciatica can all occur after suffering even a minor car accident.

    Chiropractic Care

    We are experts in chiropractic care in Tampa Bay. Our treatments range from decompression to the Graston technique and Pulstar adjusting. We are also excellent at stopping headaches. You'd be surprised that many headaches can be resolved from chiropractic care.

    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy and chiro care go hand in hand. That's why we have phsyical therapists on staff that can help you in many ways including, electrical stimulation, power plate, pre-op therapy, sports injury rehab, and much more.

    Masage Therapy

    We have in-house treatments to help with Acute and Chronic neck and back pain. It is crucial to be treated immediately, after an accident to minimize long term damage to muscles and soft tissues. We offer a variety of treatments including but not limited to Electrical Stimulation, Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Exercises, and Intersegmental Traction.


    Referrals to a trusted and trained Psychiatrist or Psychologist. You may have PTSD if you experienced or witnessed a serious trauma, such as a car accident, and develop some of the following symptoms: Avoidance behaviors, Changes in emotional reactions, Intrusive memories or Negative changes in thinking and mood.

    Pain Relief

    Between our Chiropractic team, and on-site Physical Therapist, we can treat any pain you may

    Top 3 Reasons to Get Checked Immediately After an Accident

    Reason #1

    Insurance requires that you be checked by a qualified physician within 14 days after your accident.

    Reason #2

    The sooner you receive care, the faster you can be diagnosed and receive the proper medical treatment.

    Reason #3

    Our clinic has helped hundreds of auto accident victims receive care and information about what's next.

    The Florida 14 Day PIP Rule

    The Florida PIP 14-day rule requires any injured victims to seek medical care within 14 days of an accident.

    If you believe you suffered injuries, it is paramount you see a doctor right away to get the care you need. If you fail to seek care within the first two weeks after an accident, your insurer will likely deny your claim.

    We recommend you seek medical care even if you are unsure whether you suffered injuries. Many injuries take hours or even days to appear.

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    Welcome to Tampa Chiropractor, a division of Florida Injury & Wellness Center. With same day appointments, our team of Doctors and therapists are here to help. Offering Medical services, comprehensive physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy and spinal disc decompression we have what it takes to get you feeling better. 

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    Dr. Hancock and entire staff welcome you to our Tampa chiropractic and physical therapy clinic. Our goal is to help people relieve pain and live a stress free life with the best care in Tampa Bay.


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